Project 365+1 :: Day 70 :: “Sweet”

I had to take a picture for my photography class (story of this year!), and the prompt was to create images using the third letter in my last name – “S.”  This photo is “SWEET.”  Sweet boy, sweet popsicle, sweet moment.  Sweet.  Plus those big ole eyes!


Project 365+1 :: Day 66 :: “RGB”

This has to be one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken in my photography class.  Our assignment was to take beautiful pictures, and then, using Photoshop, turn it into a black & white photo.  You probably wouldn’t believe this, but this flower is a weed!  Here in Okinawa, weeds grow like super-weeds.  Overnight, our lawn could grow 3 inches just in weeds or flowers could bloom out of nothing!  I suppose that is just the tropical nature of this island.  Well, these flowers are my favorite little weedy flowers that I’ve seen!  They’re a really pretty purple, but in black and white, they’re even more spectacular!  🙂

I also created a new watermark 🙂  Do you like it?!

Project 365+1 :: Day 64 :: “Pen with Options”

Okay, so this inanimate object represents my mother 🙂  It’s a pen with 3 different colored inks and a pencil, but I shot it dead on because my mom is direct.  And CLEAN 🙂  The pen represents the fact that she always has what we need – in the house, in her purse.  Duh, she’s a mom! 🙂

Project 365+1 :: Day 63 :: “Sharpie & Solo Cup”

For my photography class we had to take pictures of inanimate objects that represent our family members.  This was one of my favorites that I took!  It represents my sister who I love dearly!  She is so sure of who she is and doesn’t change for anyone.  She also likes to have fun and enjoy life!  🙂  Obviously it’s a pretty shallow representation of her because my sister has a ton of other qualities that are a lot deeper, but I feel like it’s a privilege  to get to anyone’s heart, so none of that sharing with the world!

Photography Club

I run a photography club at the elementary school I sub at, and it’s been running for about 4 months.  My club size has dwindled down to the students who really enjoy photography and editing.  This last meeting, I had the students take pictures of a full object, and then, go in closer for a close-up.  Directions: No Zoom, and COLOR.  They did GREAT!  The BEST part of it all was teaching them about layers in Photoshop.  I taught them how to create a new adjustment layer and use levels and curves.  They LOVED curves.  They had fun playing with the different effects of moving the points on the line.  I’ve got some creative geniuses.  The best part was hearing them say, “THIS IS SO COOL!!!”

I really just wanted to share that 🙂


And this is a windmill that is adjacent to the closest beach 🙂

Project 365+1 :: Day 48 :: “Motion”

I had an assignment for my photography class to capture motion.  Welp!  Here it is 🙂  Havoc is such an expressive dog, and I love taking pictures of him.  However, he will NOT sit still for me.  I have to really work at it to get him to stop moving.  Thankfully for this assignment he was supposed to move, and I was to do all the work!  Believe me, it was hard work with a manual focus lens.  YAY.  Thankfully that isn’t an issue now since I got the Nikon D7000.  SO EXCITED.  Even more excited that I didn’t have to wait for it to come in the mail or to come off of Backorder.  It was in stock AT the BX which is even more shocking! 🙂

Project 365+1 :: Day 4 (re-do) :: “Listed”

Okay, SO as soon as I say that I can’t figure anything out for the theme today, I come across a LIST in my photography class!  “GET BVS” is an acronym containing 6 qualities that all great photographs have.  Therefore I have decided to take a picture of the list…How many qualities do you think this photo possesses?

Project 365: Day 1 :: “With a Fast Shutter Speed”

I spent all of January thinking about doing a 365 Project or bypassing it.  Obviously, I changed my mind because here I am with my first post.  It was just too monotonous all month with no motivation to take my camera anywhere with me.  I want to change that!  With the start of my photography class, I’ve decided that I need to be more proactive and actually have my camera on me instead of only taking mental snapshots.  Guess what I realized?  I can’t look at those snapshots when I want to!  SO here I am 🙂  I couldn’t think of a theme, and in my searching, I found Capture Your 365.  There is an idea every day, one month at a time.  AWESOME!  Great for someone like me who can’t FOCUS on one thing.  I want to do it all.  Therefore, on top of my Project 12 with MCP, I will be doing a daily project.  Here’s my first picture!  The topic is “With a Fast Shutter Speed.”  My shutter speed was 1/320 of a second.  And my subjects are my most favorite young ladies 🙂  from Koza’s Youth Group, Transformed.

Capture Your 365