J+G+H^3 = Love.

I have a ton of favorite families, basically every family I meet is my favorite family 🙂  Here’s one of my most recent favorite families!  We had our session a few weeks ago, and it was SO COLD!  Everyone was a trooper, especially the kids…well except the little girl.  She was so happy to run around without a sweater!  These are a few of my favorite shots.



Project 365+1 :: Day 42 :: “Lost in Translation”

One of the great things about living in Okinawa is the daily comic relief.  Honestly, I’m sure these signs are placed strategically to cause us to pause and think.  Then in thinking, we laugh.  I giggle ALL THE time when I’m out and about.  It just seems like every sign that was in Japanese is plugged into a translation generator, like one you find through Google, then hit enter.  This sign is not as hilarious as others I’ve seen, but it does use jargon that Americans don’t necessarily use in regards to pet waste.  Also, the faded picture of a dog’s back end is the cherry on top of this Translation Sundae.

Project 365+1 :: Day 40 :: “Surfer Dude”

This Sunday I got to photograph a senior at the Sunabe Seawall here in Okinawa.  That post will come this weekend, so stay tuned!  I grabbed this picture because my friend pointed it out to me!  I was busy taking photos of her son, and she hollered at me to look and get it!  🙂 Yay for my Photog Friends 🙂

I ❤ beach life.  I spent 3 years at UC Santa Barbara, and those moments that I was able to enjoy it were amazing.  I love taking in the sea life – humans and animals and environment alike.  I think it’s from the way my parents raised me and my sister  – always by the beach.  It’s not surprising that my sister attends a college close to the beach.  I’m way off track from this photo, but taking pictures by the ocean definitely rejuvenated me.

Earlier last week I was feeling pretty unhappy.  Yesterday, I realized that I just needed to spend more time outside getting some fresh air!  Thank God for the beautiful things for us to enjoy  🙂  Now if only this weather would cooperate, and stop raining on us!

“I Clicked It Up a Notch” Contest – Jan 2012

This past month was AWESOME!  🙂  I officially started my Photog business, and I’m learning SO much more about photography.  It’s really ALL I can think and talk about!  I have to reel myself back in once it’s brought up because I start to see a glazed look in my friends’ and husband’s eyes.  Anyhoo, I’m submitting a picture to a photo contest on a site where I’ve learned the MOST about manually shooting.  It’s amazing, and I’ve been telling ALL of my friends to go to Click It Up a Notch.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from this month:

Click It Up A Notch

Howe Family – Toguchi Beach

Today, I had SO much fun shooting pictures with the Howe Family.  Katie and Josh are SO in love 🙂  They made me smile.  R & S were sweetie pies as well, very well mannered and polite.  I don’t think it could get easier than this!  Although it was chilly and sprinkly, we managed to get some great pictures 🙂  Thanks Howe Family!