Binding up the brokenhearted.

{Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with Photography, but with me!  I was going through my pictures and felt that I needed to share my experience with you all! }

By reading the title you think that I’m talking about others, but I’m talking about my heart.  God filled my heart with more love and kindness than I ever thought possible, and He does it on a daily basis.  My walk with Jesus officially began last year when God called me to go on a mission trip with my church.  You may be thinking, Melissa, how in the world do you even know that!

Well, I was at a loss last year.  God blessed me and my husband with a decent tax return.  Then, one Sunday, I went to church and heard about this trip to the Philippines.  At the same time, the BX was holding a Canon roadshow.  I went to the BX after church and looked at the cameras and BOUGHT a Canon 60D (side-note: I have only ever had a Nikon DSLR) with our tax return.  What was I thinking!?   I took the camera home (after much anxiety over purchasing it), opened it up, took a picture (died from the quality), and discovered that the charger in the box was entirely the wrong one.  Sigh.  Yes, Lord, I will follow you to the Philippines.

I understood after all the anxiety I had over buying this camera that was so wrong for me in many ways, that God had provided me a way to the Philippines – the exact amount that I needed to go there.  The Holy Spirit was warning me against buying the camera with my anxiety over choosing the camera over the Philippines.  I returned the camera and signed up to go on Mission with my Savior and a group who I will forever in my heart.

It turns out God sent me to the Philippines at the most needed time in my life.  I went with no expectations except to do whatever was needed of me.  I organized toys and puzzles, played with toddlers and school aged children, and eventually found my way into the Baby room.  It was so easy to love these orphans at Gentle Hands!!!

I believe that the main reason I was sent to the Philippines was to understand that God is working in everyone’s lives.  There is a purpose for each and everyone of us.  Life can be hard, but it is only with God that we can make it through in one piece.  God changed my heart for the better in the Philippines.  I believe in short-term missions because it awakens the soul to the world!  My life is geared toward God’s mission now.  Not my own.  I want to bind up the brokenhearted and free the captives.

You can read the stories from my adventure on my tumblr account because there’s so much that encompassed those 10 days that I can’t possible summarize it all here.

I will leave you with a verse from the trip and a few pictures from my point and shoot.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners…”

Isaiah 61:1

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