Jenny+Justin+Bump = Love. :: Okinawa Maternity Portrait Photographer

First off, I have to tell you that this photoshoot was impromptu!  Meaning that we had set out to do it in the afternoon, but Okinawa’s weather had a different idea.  The rain started up so we decided to reschedule for the following day.  However, an issue arose.  We were hungry.  Thankfully Jenny and Justin are friends so we headed down to Macaroni Grill and had some dinner.  Afterwards, we walk outside, and it’s GORGEOUS.  The light just looked crisp.  I remembered a place to go take pictures, thanks to my friend, Michele (son – Shawn).  Here’s a few of my faves from our scheduled/nonscheduled/postponed, but not shoot 🙂


Mothers’ Day is coming!

“A mother is the truest friend we have.”

~Washington Irving

Mother’s Day is coming up! Celebrate that special bond between mother and child with my Mommy & Me portrait session.  You can include Grandma too if you like.  These portraits make beautiful Mother’s Day gifts, as well as lasting heirlooms that your family can enjoy for generations to come.

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Baby G :: Okinawa Newborn Photographer

WOW.  I am majorly behind on blogging about EVERYTHING.  Sorry, friends!  I have a lot on my plate, and when that happens, I tend to procrastinate on the things that require me to focus on one thing.

2, almost 3, weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my first newborn, Baby G.  If you remember, I took pictures of him in utero ;), but it was mostly his momma and daddy (who are absolutely amazing and proud parents).  You can check out that post here 🙂

Well here he is!  Baby G!  At only 8 days old, he was fighting the pictures in the beginning.  He just wanted to eat and eat!  He’s definitely going to be a BIG BOY! 🙂  I cannot wait!

Project 365+1 :: Day 37 :: “It’s a Baby!”

There is no shortage of cuteness from this little guy.  He is TOO adorable, and he gets me in trouble.  Fires up the baby fever!!  I can’t wait for my own little one, one day…far in the future…the distant future.  Too many plans, goals, dreams right now, and I know that when I have a baby, I want to just enjoy him/her.  Gotta get it all out of the way before a little one comes in the picture.

Project 365+1 :: Day 33 :: “Teeny Feetsies”

Oh man!  Look at these feet!!!  I got to see Mr. G last week in the hospital, brand new.  Then this past weekend, I got to see him again.  And he is just beautiful.  Definitely a miraculous gift from God.  Babies are precious, even if they’re crying, and they all deserve love.  I cannot wait to see him grow in the next few months.  He is a blessing and is blessed with the most amazing parents and family.  There will never be a shortage of love for this little man.