Project 365+1 :: Day 69 :: “Swing!”

I so love my mister 🙂  He took me to the driving range (my first time) and taught me how to swing a real golf club (not a mini golf club ;)).  He was so patient and sweet about it.  Then he got down in the grass and took some pictures of me swinging!  Gosh, I miss him!  It’s probably one of my favorite dates that we’ve ever had…right along side our first date – bowling in Oceanside!

Project 365+1 :: Day 60 :: “Sunbathing”

Okay, so it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted ANYTHING!  My hubby was about to leave for a bit, and it was so nice to take a break and spend some time with him.  Then, the sadness/missing him syndrome kicked in, and I just didn’t want to be ON a computer.  I wanted to be curled up with a blanket, reading.  I still miss him like crazy, and it hasn’t even been a week!  I can’t wait til next week when I find my routine again 🙂 plus I have some non-365 photos to share with you all!

Alright, here’s Mr. Chaos, my bulldog.  He loves to sit like this, but mostly lay out, in the sun.  It’s a rare sunny, breezy day for Okinawa, so he was taking it in!  He also looks that way 85% of the time.

Project 365+1 :: Day 41 :: “Surprise”

Well, I uploaded this picture a LONG time ago, which was really not that long ago.  It’s NOW DAy 57, and I saw that I was missing my post.  Hello! Melissa!!  SO HELLO WORLD!  Here is Day 41!  Can I say that I am a little upset that now my days are all funky 😦  Oh my organized little mind.

A little note about these flowers.  My hubby randomly surprised me one day with a cute bouquet of flowers 🙂  They were so pretty and smelled really nice!

Project 365+1 :: Day 50 :: “Reflection”

I love taking pictures of myself as a reflection.  My all-time favorite reflective surface is sunglasses 🙂  I really like this because I’ve only taken pictures using my hubby’s sunglasses, and he’s a huge part of my life.  However, he hates being in pictures.  SO this is the best way for me to get him “in” them!

Project 365+1 :: Day 49 :: “Similar Legs”

Oh Chaos!  He always bugs my husband when he is on the ground.  Here, hubby was stretching and doing abs.  Chaos comes along and gets super excited and thinks that hubby is there to play with him.  So Hubby wrestles with Chaos, and he hates it!!!  But he always comes back for more!

Project 365+1 :: Day 6 :: “With a heart on it”

I love hearts!  ❤ ❤ ❤ love them!  🙂 So for the theme today, I was excited!  Unintentionally, I put on heart socks this morning (in the picture you can’t see it, but “Sixteen Candles” is on the bottom!).  I ALWAYS wear my heart necklace because my hubby gave it to me before he left on his last deployment.  It’s one of the 2 pieces of jewelry he’s given me…the necklace and my rings 🙂  I am not much of a jewelry person, so I’m super satisfied with what I have 🙂  AND I wanted to try out a self-portrait because Courtney at Click It Up a Notch recommends doing it to improve on taking pictures of your self!!!  SO here is a collage of hearts.