Project 365+1 :: Day 66 :: “RGB”

This has to be one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken in my photography class.  Our assignment was to take beautiful pictures, and then, using Photoshop, turn it into a black & white photo.  You probably wouldn’t believe this, but this flower is a weed!  Here in Okinawa, weeds grow like super-weeds.  Overnight, our lawn could grow 3 inches just in weeds or flowers could bloom out of nothing!  I suppose that is just the tropical nature of this island.  Well, these flowers are my favorite little weedy flowers that I’ve seen!  They’re a really pretty purple, but in black and white, they’re even more spectacular!  🙂

I also created a new watermark 🙂  Do you like it?!

Project 365+ 1 :: Day 41 :: “Random Surprises”

My husband sure knows how to woo me 🙂  I got a small bouquet of flowers which I broke up into 3 vases 🙂  I LOVE arranging flowers!  And they smell yummy…a little herb-y.  I have no idea what kinds of flowers they are, and I’ve never seen the purple ones before.