Photography Club

I run a photography club at the elementary school I sub at, and it’s been running for about 4 months.  My club size has dwindled down to the students who really enjoy photography and editing.  This last meeting, I had the students take pictures of a full object, and then, go in closer for a close-up.  Directions: No Zoom, and COLOR.  They did GREAT!  The BEST part of it all was teaching them about layers in Photoshop.  I taught them how to create a new adjustment layer and use levels and curves.  They LOVED curves.  They had fun playing with the different effects of moving the points on the line.  I’ve got some creative geniuses.  The best part was hearing them say, “THIS IS SO COOL!!!”

I really just wanted to share that 🙂


And this is a windmill that is adjacent to the closest beach 🙂


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