“I Clicked It Up a Notch” Contest – Jan 2012

This past month was AWESOME!  🙂  I officially started my Photog business, and I’m learning SO much more about photography.  It’s really ALL I can think and talk about!  I have to reel myself back in once it’s brought up because I start to see a glazed look in my friends’ and husband’s eyes.  Anyhoo, I’m submitting a picture to a photo contest on a site where I’ve learned the MOST about manually shooting.  It’s amazing, and I’ve been telling ALL of my friends to go to Click It Up a Notch.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from this month:

Click It Up A Notch

Senior Portrait – Miss Tiffani

I’ve decided.  I really enjoy taking pictures of Seniors.  Not people over 55, but young people at 17-18 years of age.  They are just so lively; I can see it in their eyes or smile.  Miss Tiffani just radiates when she smiles, and I am so glad that I got to meet her!  Go Class of 2012!

Howe Family – Toguchi Beach

Today, I had SO much fun shooting pictures with the Howe Family.  Katie and Josh are SO in love 🙂  They made me smile.  R & S were sweetie pies as well, very well mannered and polite.  I don’t think it could get easier than this!  Although it was chilly and sprinkly, we managed to get some great pictures 🙂  Thanks Howe Family!

“New” 50mm f/1.8 GLASS = *SUPER* excited me

YAY!  I got my FIRST out of kit lens 🙂 a sweet, used 50mm f/1.8 Nikon lens.  I was so overjoyed when I got that yellow slip!  After racing home (safely), I ripped open the package not knowing what to expect from a used lens.  The lens box was ragged and old-looking, but I opened the box and ahhhhh, what a beauty!  My new, used lens was shiny and had no scratches on it.  GO Adorama.com!  🙂  SO awesome.  I immediately screwed it on my camera body and looked for subjects to shoot.  OH yeah, I have dogs and some flowers I’ve been meaning to shoot.  Here are a few first pictures I took with my new BFF 🙂

PS.  I also have to learn about focusing manually – yay for a D60!  🙂  Can’t wait for the post when I get to talk about my new D7000 – ONE DAY!  🙂


One on the Way :: Jaime&Travis+bump

All week I’ve been anticipating today’s photo shoot.  I was worried about the weather and my capabilities as a photographer (this was my first maternity shoot).  However, my worries were totally unnecessary.  The weather cooperated, and I am SUPER satisfied with the pictures I shot!

Jaime & Travis are expecting their first little one, Gunner.  They are one of the CUTEST couples I’ve ever met, and they are so photogenic and happy.  Thanks Jaime & Travis for a great shoot; I cannot wait for Gunner’s debut!


MCP P12: Resolution pt.2

To add to my first 3 resolutions for 2012, I’m adding 2 more.

#4 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle more diligently.  I’ve been reading this book called, “Go Green, Live Rich” by David Bach.  It’s really well written (which I like), and it has a bunch of facts about how much we, Americans, waste.  Did you know that the entire USA uses 8.2 million barrels of oil/day = amount that Saudia Arabia produces in 1 day (Bach).  That’s absurd!

#5 Save my dollars and cents!  We’re leaving Okinawa…SOON (I promise), and we’re in for a rather rude awakening when we return to the States.  No matter where we go, we’ll need 2 vehicles, a new house (security deposit, 1st/last months rent, pet deposit), traveling money, possible kenneling fees, etc.  It’s going to a very horrible and expensive transition if we don’t start saving now!


MCP Project 12: Resolution

This year I am going to do something different…I’m going to follow through with a photo challenge.  And I found the perfect one!  MCP Project 12 (http://www.mcpactions.com/blog/2012/01/01/mcp-project-12) fits in so well with my personality and time schedule.  However, today as I was taking my picture for this month’s theme, I realized that it really does not take that much time to snap a few pics and then edit.  Therefore, my resolution is twofold.  I’m also going to try to submit multiple pictures per theme to get my creativity flowing.  So I suppose this first Project 12 entry is three-fold…3-in-1.

#1 – Reduce the amount of clothes I have.  I seriously have TOO MANY.  And I will take the unneeded clothes to the flea market first…then I will donate the rest.  I need to recoup my losses, and I’m saving up for a new lens! 🙂

#2 – Participate in this photo challenge.  It gets the creative juices flowing!

#3 –  Stop procrastinating!

My picture definitely represents all of these resolutions.  Don’t worry, I have more.  It seems I’m meant to make resolutions this year since it keeps coming up!

I edited my picture using MCP Actions’ Mini Quick Pick Looks – “Remember When” (hopefully this mountain will be a thing of the past!)



Hello there!  Welcome to my brand new photography website 🙂  This is the first of many blogs, and it marks the birth of my new photography business!  photography by melissa grace sounded pretty good to me.  We’ll see if I stick with it!  I very much enjoy taking picture of people, and I love capturing fleeting moments, stopping time.  Most recently I was able to take my brother-in-law’s senior pictures.  I’m still editing most of them, but I’m also still getting over jet-lag and vacation-lag (I really liked relaxing!).  I also got to see some of Montana’s landscapes so I’ll include some eye candy for you to see 🙂

Class of 2012