Project 365+1 :: Day 65 :: “Reflection”

Can you guess what is reflecting my image??


It’s my MacBook!!!  🙂  Right?!  I think it’s pretty cool.

Project 365+1 :: Day 12 :: Random Selection

So this weekend, I was a bum.  Saturday I didn’t do a darn thing but sit on my computer, thus making my shoulder hurt (little movements = pain 😦 ).  Then, Sunday I was sick ALL day, probably from the previous day’s inactivity.  WHO knows, but it was AWFUL.  I managed to get some pictures in, granted for my Photog class, but at least I was able to do it!  Here’s one of my Random Selections 🙂  I spent 5 minutes going thru 3 magazines, pulling out what I liked.  Then, 30 minutes arranging (5) personal items and the magazine pages.  This is what I came up with – it’s me in a nutshell…or picture.

Project 365+1 :: Day 6 :: “With a heart on it”

I love hearts!  ❤ ❤ ❤ love them!  🙂 So for the theme today, I was excited!  Unintentionally, I put on heart socks this morning (in the picture you can’t see it, but “Sixteen Candles” is on the bottom!).  I ALWAYS wear my heart necklace because my hubby gave it to me before he left on his last deployment.  It’s one of the 2 pieces of jewelry he’s given me…the necklace and my rings 🙂  I am not much of a jewelry person, so I’m super satisfied with what I have 🙂  AND I wanted to try out a self-portrait because Courtney at Click It Up a Notch recommends doing it to improve on taking pictures of your self!!!  SO here is a collage of hearts.