MCP Project 12: Resolution

This year I am going to do something different…I’m going to follow through with a photo challenge.  And I found the perfect one!  MCP Project 12 ( fits in so well with my personality and time schedule.  However, today as I was taking my picture for this month’s theme, I realized that it really does not take that much time to snap a few pics and then edit.  Therefore, my resolution is twofold.  I’m also going to try to submit multiple pictures per theme to get my creativity flowing.  So I suppose this first Project 12 entry is three-fold…3-in-1.

#1 – Reduce the amount of clothes I have.  I seriously have TOO MANY.  And I will take the unneeded clothes to the flea market first…then I will donate the rest.  I need to recoup my losses, and I’m saving up for a new lens! 🙂

#2 – Participate in this photo challenge.  It gets the creative juices flowing!

#3 –  Stop procrastinating!

My picture definitely represents all of these resolutions.  Don’t worry, I have more.  It seems I’m meant to make resolutions this year since it keeps coming up!

I edited my picture using MCP Actions’ Mini Quick Pick Looks – “Remember When” (hopefully this mountain will be a thing of the past!)