“New” 50mm f/1.8 GLASS = *SUPER* excited me

YAY!  I got my FIRST out of kit lens 🙂 a sweet, used 50mm f/1.8 Nikon lens.  I was so overjoyed when I got that yellow slip!  After racing home (safely), I ripped open the package not knowing what to expect from a used lens.  The lens box was ragged and old-looking, but I opened the box and ahhhhh, what a beauty!  My new, used lens was shiny and had no scratches on it.  GO Adorama.com!  🙂  SO awesome.  I immediately screwed it on my camera body and looked for subjects to shoot.  OH yeah, I have dogs and some flowers I’ve been meaning to shoot.  Here are a few first pictures I took with my new BFF 🙂

PS.  I also have to learn about focusing manually – yay for a D60!  🙂  Can’t wait for the post when I get to talk about my new D7000 – ONE DAY!  🙂