Project 365+1 :: Day 63 :: “Sharpie & Solo Cup”

For my photography class we had to take pictures of inanimate objects that represent our family members.  This was one of my favorites that I took!  It represents my sister who I love dearly!  She is so sure of who she is and doesn’t change for anyone.  She also likes to have fun and enjoy life!  🙂  Obviously it’s a pretty shallow representation of her because my sister has a ton of other qualities that are a lot deeper, but I feel like it’s a privilege  to get to anyone’s heart, so none of that sharing with the world!

Project 365+1 :: Day 60 :: “Sunbathing”

Okay, so it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted ANYTHING!  My hubby was about to leave for a bit, and it was so nice to take a break and spend some time with him.  Then, the sadness/missing him syndrome kicked in, and I just didn’t want to be ON a computer.  I wanted to be curled up with a blanket, reading.  I still miss him like crazy, and it hasn’t even been a week!  I can’t wait til next week when I find my routine again 🙂 plus I have some non-365 photos to share with you all!

Alright, here’s Mr. Chaos, my bulldog.  He loves to sit like this, but mostly lay out, in the sun.  It’s a rare sunny, breezy day for Okinawa, so he was taking it in!  He also looks that way 85% of the time.

Project 365+1 :: Day 59 :: “Innocence”

I LOVE candid shots 🙂  This little angel is the sweetest little girl I’ve ever met!  🙂  I’ve also been blessed to watch her grow up from a newborn to a toddler!  I can’t believe how fast that first year goes, and I’m even MORE blessed that I get to learn from my friends about motherhood.  It will definitely be a ride, but I will learn to cherish every moment.  One day!  🙂

Project 365+1 :: Day 9 :: “The Bull”

Well, I am so excited for today’s post.  I’d probably be way more excited if I would’ve, could’ve gotten closer to the big guy.  However, being that he is not my bull, tied to a rope, and unattended, there was no way I was getting closer to him.  I did not want to make him or his owners mad.  My goal before I leave Okinawa is to get a picture of his handler walking him down the “post office” road.  By the way, we name roads here after their location or landmarks.  It’s pretty difficult knowing street names if 1. your host nation citizens do not know of any street names, 2. everything is in Japanese.  Anyhoo, here’s a photo of one of the bulls that live near the post office.  He’s got quite a nice nose ring if you ask me 🙂

Project 365: Day 1 :: “With a Fast Shutter Speed”

I spent all of January thinking about doing a 365 Project or bypassing it.  Obviously, I changed my mind because here I am with my first post.  It was just too monotonous all month with no motivation to take my camera anywhere with me.  I want to change that!  With the start of my photography class, I’ve decided that I need to be more proactive and actually have my camera on me instead of only taking mental snapshots.  Guess what I realized?  I can’t look at those snapshots when I want to!  SO here I am 🙂  I couldn’t think of a theme, and in my searching, I found Capture Your 365.  There is an idea every day, one month at a time.  AWESOME!  Great for someone like me who can’t FOCUS on one thing.  I want to do it all.  Therefore, on top of my Project 12 with MCP, I will be doing a daily project.  Here’s my first picture!  The topic is “With a Fast Shutter Speed.”  My shutter speed was 1/320 of a second.  And my subjects are my most favorite young ladies 🙂  from Koza’s Youth Group, Transformed.

Capture Your 365