Jenny+Justin+Bump = Love. :: Okinawa Maternity Portrait Photographer

First off, I have to tell you that this photoshoot was impromptu!  Meaning that we had set out to do it in the afternoon, but Okinawa’s weather had a different idea.  The rain started up so we decided to reschedule for the following day.  However, an issue arose.  We were hungry.  Thankfully Jenny and Justin are friends so we headed down to Macaroni Grill and had some dinner.  Afterwards, we walk outside, and it’s GORGEOUS.  The light just looked crisp.  I remembered a place to go take pictures, thanks to my friend, Michele (son – Shawn).  Here’s a few of my faves from our scheduled/nonscheduled/postponed, but not shoot 🙂



One on the Way :: Jaime&Travis+bump

All week I’ve been anticipating today’s photo shoot.  I was worried about the weather and my capabilities as a photographer (this was my first maternity shoot).  However, my worries were totally unnecessary.  The weather cooperated, and I am SUPER satisfied with the pictures I shot!

Jaime & Travis are expecting their first little one, Gunner.  They are one of the CUTEST couples I’ve ever met, and they are so photogenic and happy.  Thanks Jaime & Travis for a great shoot; I cannot wait for Gunner’s debut!