Project 365+1 :: Day 21 :: “Ms. Roz”

Okay, I have to confess.  I have done an AWFUL job at keeping up with my 365 project.  But today is where I start to make it better 🙂  I’ll be posting as many as I can every day until I’m caught up to this week.  Then, I will try to post 2-3 times a week so that I’m not constantly on my computer getting sucked into all it has to offer.  I think I have neglected my husband – he’s decided that calling me “BAAAAABE” over and over, sounding like a sheep talking to Babe the pig from the movie.  It’s not at all appealing!  Tonight he’s on duty, so I am free to stay up way too late and be tired the next morning all I want (kinda wish he was here to push me into bed!).  Anyhoo, here’s 1 of last week’s pictures.

Ms. Roz is AWESOME.  She’s done so many amazing things since I’ve known her that I can’t even imagine how many more amazing things she has done in her lifetime.  I was so happy that I was able to cheer her on during her race and capture one moment of it.  Granted it is from behind, I still think this such a winning shot of Ms. Roz.


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