Project 365+1 :: Day 9 :: “The Bull”

Well, I am so excited for today’s post.  I’d probably be way more excited if I would’ve, could’ve gotten closer to the big guy.  However, being that he is not my bull, tied to a rope, and unattended, there was no way I was getting closer to him.  I did not want to make him or his owners mad.  My goal before I leave Okinawa is to get a picture of his handler walking him down the “post office” road.  By the way, we name roads here after their location or landmarks.  It’s pretty difficult knowing street names if 1. your host nation citizens do not know of any street names, 2. everything is in Japanese.  Anyhoo, here’s a photo of one of the bulls that live near the post office.  He’s got quite a nice nose ring if you ask me 🙂