Project 365+1 :: Day 8 :: “With a slow shutter speed”

Okay, so I really wanted to sit over the expressway and take some awesome highway pictures for today’s theme.  But, my Okinawan friends, can attest to just how COLD it was today!  It was WAYYYY to cold.  It’s too cold to be in my house!  Anyhoo, one of my favorite people told me about the family bonding she had with her kiddos using slow shutter speed and glowsticks.  Um, I have always wanted to create a picture in the dark with a glow stick.  SO tonight was the night.  I decided on a heart ❤ because I know how to draw one of those in the air, and they look the same no matter how I draw it!  YAY.  Here is one of my fun experimental pictures 🙂

PS Can you see my face?? 😉